Glenfiddich Grande Couronne

The stage is set for something magical. Something unforgettable; indelible.

Grande Couronne is the epitome of true opulence, uncorked at only the most majestic and meaningful of gatherings. Its very name, meaning crown in French, is the promise of the pleasure to come. The pinnacle of the night’s revelry.

The noblest houses of two refined traditions ascend in this rich and regal whisky, matured in American and European oak casks for 26 years at The Glenfiddich Distillery, before the crowning glory: an extended finish in rare and meticulously selected French Cognac casks.

The final toast is a majestically smooth marriage of café crème, brown sugar and spice. While sweet toasted oak and the delicate scent of patisseries swirl in the air, the long-lasting sweet and velvety finish makes every dram a gilded tribute to true opulence.

This is single malt ascended. Crown the occasion.

The Glenfiddich Distillery was founded in Dufftown by William Grant in 1866. Built in the glen of the river Fiddich, the first Glenfiddich single malt ran from the stills on Christmas day in 1887.

A long family tradition followed through the generations, with Glenfiddich one of the few distilleries in Scotland to increase production during the era of prohibition in the USA.

During the tough economic times of the 60’s and 70’s, Glenfiddich and its famous triangular bottle was instrumental in marketing “Single Malt” as the premium Scotch offering, leading to the establishment of the Single Malt category we know today.

Glenfiddich remains to this day a family run business, with current management the 5th generation descendants of Mr William Grant himself.

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