Grant’s Triple Wood

When William Grant first launched the Grant’s signature blend, it was called “Stand Fast”, the war cry from Clan Grant to which William belonged. This original recipe lives on in Grant’s Family Reserve, the backbone of the Grant’s whisky brand.

On the nose it has fresh notes, with a floral edge, subtle smoke, dark chocolate, ginger and orange. The palate is full of sweet citrus flavours, orange and lemon, followed by brown sugar, waffles and syrup. The finish is warming and sweet with a gentle smokiness.

ABV: 43%
SKU: 750ml

William Grant established Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky in 1898, when largest producer of blended Scotch Whisky at the time went out of business. By blending only the finest single malt whisky with grain distilled whisky, William Grant was able to create something exceptional.

The signature triangular bottle was first designed in 1957 by Hans Schleger, to showcase the colour and quality of the whisky while still allowing it to be stacked efficiently.

Since its humble beginnings, Grant’s has stayed an entirely family run business, through 5 generations of Grant descendants. It has gone on to be widely known worldwide, being sold in over 180 countries.

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