Russian Bear Pineapple

Launched in 2016, Russian Bear Pineapple is a blend of Russian Bear Premium Vodka and pineapple extract to create a flavourful and smooth vodka. Best enjoyed with Soda water or Lemonade.

ABV: 35%
SKU: 750ml, 200ml

Proudly produced right here in South Africa, Russian Bear Vodka has been set the bar for fantastic quality vodka without compromising on style and peer credibility.

Its sleek bottle shape, label design and range of accessible flavours make it one of the countries most well known and well loved Vodkas, as can be seen by its substantial growth in and around the country in recent years. It has won multiple awards at international spirits shows, the only South African vodka to ever have achieved this.

All Russian Bear Vodka is Triple distilled for absolute purity, and laboratory tested to the highest quality standards. What you get is a distinct and unique Vodka that is refined and smooth and incredibly soft mouth feel.

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